Information to ICL Members

20 January 2022

1. Call for contribution to the founding issues of Open Access Book Series
2. List of ICL full and associate members and supporters
3. IPL-KLC Global Promotion Committee and list of KLC official promoters


5 November 2021
Programme and Invitation to 2022 ICL-KLC Hybrid Conference

0. Programme and invitation to 2022 IPL-KLC Hybrid Conferece, Kyoto (2021.11.15)
1. New IPL-Project-Proposal-Form 2022
2. Application for Travel-Support-Form
3. Application of oral presentation in the  IPL-KLC Symposium
4. Call for Contribution to the Open Access Book Series (2021.11.13)


24 July 2021
New open access book series, New IPL Project proposals, IPL-KLC Conference, and Travel supports

0. ICL letter 2021.7.24
A1. Outline of Open Access Book (2021.7.24)
A2. Categories of articles in P-LRT
A3. IPL-Project-Proposal-Form 2021(2021.7.24)
A4. Application-Form-for-ICL-Travel-Support


14 August 2020
ICL-IPL online/virtual Conference on 2-6 November 2020

0. Call for IPL project proposals and Presentation in the IPL Symposium 2020
1. ICL-IPL Virtual Conference-Registration-Form-2020
2. IPL-Project-Proposal-Form2020
3. Template_IPL2020-Full paper
4. Template-IPL2020-PPT


13 May 2020
Postponement of the WLF5 to 2-6 November 2021 and Launching of KLC2020 on Schedule (Updated)

29 February 2020
Cancellation of the ICL-IPL Kyoto Meeting (April 2020) and Replacement by WEB meetings

28 January 2020
ICL-IPL Kyoto Meeting, 18-20 April 2020
1. Invitation letter to ICL-IPL Kyoto Meeting for ICL members (2020.1.28)
2. Example of hotel fee by booking com for ICL-IPL Meeting in April 2020
3. Examples of hotel fee by booking com during WLF5 in November 2020

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