World Report on Landslides Award

Awards for ICL World Report of Landslides

The IPL World Reports on Landslides (WRL) database is created as a cooperation platform for sharing landslide case studies and the best practice in the global landslide community. ICL and IPL wish to promote and publish global landslide information using the ICL/IPL network for the ISDR-ICL Sendai Partnership 2015-2025. To advertise WRL and promote the contribution of reports two awards have been established in 2016:

  • Best Report Award
  • Reporter of the year

How to select:

1. Best Report Award

The quality committee is composed of 5-6 expert evaluators. The required single evaluation was based on three items:

a. Rating of LCI (Landslide Case identifier)
In the counting, its weight is 30% and a score from 1 to 7 was assigned. For the final score this value was multiplied by 10. Namely, LCI of 7 was evaluated to be 70 points.

b. Scientific and Technical Quality
In the counting, its weight is 40% and a score from 0 to 100 was assigned.

c. Impact on the profession and society
In the counting, its weight is 30% and a score from 0 to 100 was assigned.

Evaluation points of each Landslide Case identifier were calculated according to the following formula: LCI = (R x 0.3 x 10) + (S x 0.4) + (I x 0.3)

2. Reporter of the year

Each reporter (one report is submitted by one or two reporters. All reporters are counted in the same way independent of the order of reporter) is evaluated by the total ICL point for the year. It is automatically calculated from the report by summing up ICL points for all of his/her report submitted.

The first recipients of the ICL World Report on Landslides Awards in 2016 are:

2016 Best Report Award:  1792 Unzen Landslide and Tsunami Disaster (JPN1611131539)

Reporter of the year 2016:  Dr. Khang Dang, International Consortium on Landslides