Invitation for ICL Memberships

Invitation for ICL memberships

Outline of the ICL

The International Consortium on Landslides (ICL) is an International non-governmental and non-profit scientific organization founded in January 2002 in Kyoto, Japan. The consortium aims to promote landslide research for the benefit of society and the environment, and capacity building, including education, notably in less developed countries.

The ICL established the International Programme on Landslides (IPL), a programme of the ICL for the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (ISDR) with the 2006 Tokyo Action Plan strengthening research and learning on landslides and related earth system disasters for global risk preparedness. The IPL includes IPL projects, the World Centres of Excellence on Landslide Risk Reduction (WCoEs), Triennial World Landslide Forum and others.

The ICL and ICL supporting organizations proposed and founded the ISDR-ICL SENDAI Partnerships 2015-2025 for Global Promotion of Understanding and Reducing Landslide Disaster Risk as a voluntary commitment to the World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (WCDRR) in March 2015 in Sendai, Japan. It was signed by 22 global stakeholders in Sendai, Japan in 2015 and in Ljubljana, Slovenia in 2017.

The ICL and participants of the Fourth World Landslide Forum (WLF) adopted the 2017 Ljubljana Declaration including the organization of WLF5 in Kyoto, Japan and the concept of Kyoto 2020 Commitment for Global Promotion of Understanding and Reducing Landslide Disaster Risk to create a long-term, wider and stronger framework for a global landslide risk reduction network.

Landslides”: Journal of International Consortium on Landslides is the core activity of the ICL for the development of Landslide Science. It was initially founded as a quarterly full color journal in April 2004.  In 2017 Landslides published 161 articles including 2180 printed pages and the 2016 Impact Factor was 3.657, maintaining its no. 1 rank under the “Geological Engineering” category of the Web of Science. Landslides is monthly as of January 2018 that will enable quick information dissemination of “Recent Landslides” and Recent “ICL/IPL activities”.


Invitation for ICL memberships

In order to ensure success of the World Landslide Forum 5 in Kyoto, 2020 and for the establishment of the Kyoto 2020 Commitment, ICL created a new category of membership, the ICL Associates, in addition to the existing categories of ICL Members and ICL Supporters. ICL members can propose IPL Projects, apply for the Word Centres of Excellence, and receive monthly full color journal Landslides and its digital access right to all issues from Vol. 1, No. 1 since 2004 to the latest issues.  The Representative of an ICL member becomes a board member of the ICL with a voting right in the board meetings.

The board has full power for the management of the affairs of the Consortium. ICL members can apply for travel support to various ICL-IPL events including IPL symposiums, ICL Board of Representatives (BOR/ICL) meetings, the Global Promotion Committee of IPL (GPC/IPL) meetings and so on. The ICL associates can join ICL projects and WCoEs, submit ICL/IPL Activities to Landslides, and receive a hard copy and online access token for Landslides. ICL associates, ICL supporters as well as ICL members are invited to join and sign the Kyoto 2020 Commitment. Details of ICL memberships and membership benefits, the Kyoto 2020 Commitment and other related documents can be downloaded through the links provided at the end of this invitation.

ICL invites your organization to join ICL as one of the ICL members/ICL supporters/ICL associates, and to become one of participating parties of the planned Kyoto 2020 Commitment which contributes to the Sendai Framework 2015-2030 and Agenda 2030-Sustainable Development Goals and beyond, and also a major player of the Fifth World Landslide Forum 2020 in Kyoto Japan. If you are willing to join ICL, please complete and send the registration form for ICL membership/associate to the ICL secretariat. Those who are willing to support ICL and IPL as ICL supporters, please directly contact the ICL secretariat <>.

I thank you very much for your support to ICL activities and look forward to having you join ICL.


With best regards,


Peter Bobrowsky Kaoru Takara Kyoji Sassa
President of ICL

Geological Survey of Canada

<>Executive Director of ICL

Kyoto University

<>Secretary General of ICL

Chair of WLF5 2020



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