Book series of KLC2020

The Kyoto 2020 Commitment for Global Promotion of Understanding and Reducing Landslide Disaster Risk (Kyoto Landslide Commitment 2020: KLC2020)

-A Commitment to the ISDR-ICL Sendai Partnerships 2015-2025, the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030, the 2030 Agenda Sustainable Development Goals, the New Urban Agenda and the Paris Climate Agreement-

was launched on 5 November 2021 together with 90 signatories. The KLC2020 established a Secretariat of the Kyoto Landslide Commitment within the ICL Secretariat in Kyoto, Japan at the same time. The KLC2020 secretariat examined potential new mechanisms/infrastructures to develop the KLC2020. As a result, a new open access, free-of-charge publication focusing on practical applications of landslide research and technology for the benefit of society was planned for the success of the KLC2020. The KLC2020 Secretariat together with the WLF5 organizing committee expects that “Launching Declaration of the ICL Open Access Book Series for KLC2020” will be adopted by panelists and participants on the floor at the end of High-level panel discussion “Review of KLC2020 and the way forward” at the National Kyoto International Conference Center on 3 November 2021.

1. The Kyoto Landslide Commitment 2020: launched. (Landslides Vol.18-1, 2021)
2. The high-level panel discussion and others on 3 November 2021 in WLF5

In order to formally start the new open access book “Progress in Landslide Research and Technology (P-LRT), the KLC2020 secretariat is calling for long articles from 15 pages to 40 pages or even longer to be published in the founding issue of P-LRT and also calling for KLC2020 official promoters. KLC2020 Official promoters are public and private organizations who promote the Kyoto Landslide Commitment 2020 and provide financial support for the implementation of the KLC2020 activities including the Open Access Book Series “Progress in Landslide Research and Technology.”

The information of KLC2020 and P-LRT are linked below.

3. New Open Access Book Series “Progress in Landslide Research and Technology” was published in Landslides, Vol.18-8, 2021.
4. Outline of Open access book (2021.8.12)
5. Call for articles for the KLC2020 open access book (2021.1.24)
5-1 Invitation of contribution to P-LRT Vol.1-2 and later issues (2022.2.12)
6. Instruction for authors of P-LRT (2021.6.26)
7. P-LRT template (2022.2.28)
8. KLC2020 Official promoters registration form (2021.7.22)

KLC2020 Secretariat is calling for new signatory partnerships to develop the initiative. The current signed partners (5 November 2020) and the KLC2020 document to be signed are attached below. Organizations which satisfy the following conditions and are willing to join KLC2020 are invited to inform by 15 October 2021 with their interest.

9. KLC2020 document to be signed.
10. 90 signatory organizations (5 November 2020).


Eligible organizations to be partners of the KLC2020:

  • ICL member organizations (full members, associate members, and supporters)
  • ICL supporting organizations from UN and international or national organizations and programs
  • Government ministries and offices in countries having more than two ICL on-going members
  • International associations/societies which contribute to the organization of WLF5 in 2021 and WLF6 in 2023
  • Other organizations having some aspects of activities related to understanding and reducing landslide disaster risk as their intrinsic missions>