IPL Award for Success

IPL Award for Success

The IPL award will be given for three success projects implemented within IPL at each World Landslide Forum by evaluating the previous 3 year activities. The achievement of IPL projects is much affected by the finances and the infrastructure of the developed or developing country. The aim of the IPL Award for Success is not to select the Best IPL project, but to select the Successful IPL projects relative to the circumstances of the group.

  • Awards for the winner(s) are 3000 USD and Certificate.
  • Judging for the award will be by members of the IPL Award committee.
  • IPL Award Committee: Chairperson, 2 members and a secretary
  • Evaluation of projects will be based on the different items for types of projects.

The past recipients of the IPL Award for Success are:

The Second World Landslide Forum at FAO Headquarters, Rome, October 2011.

(1) Lynn Highland: U.S. Geological Survey, and Peter Bobrowsky: Geological Survey of Canada (Publication)

IPL 106 Best Practice handbook for landslide hazard mitigation (2002-2007)

(2) Farrokh Nadim and Bjørn Kalsnes: International Centre for Geohazards, Norway (Research)

IPL 102 Assessment of global high-risk landslide disaster hotspots (2002-2004)

IPL 144 Changing pattern of landslide risk and strategies for its management (2009-present)

 (3) Dwikorita Karnawati and Faisal Fathani: Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia (Capacity Building)

IPL 158 Development of Community-based Landslide Early Warning System (2009-present)

IPL 159 Development of Education Program for Sustainable Development in Landslide Vulnerable Area through Student Community Service (2009-present)

The Third World Landslide Forum at China National Convention Center, Beijing, China, 2014

(1) Wei Shan: Research Center of Cold Regions Landslide, China

IPL-132 Research on vegetation protection system for highway soil slope in seasonal frozen regions (2008-present)

IPL-167 The effect of freezing-thawing on the stability of ancient landslide of North-Black highway (2009-present)

(2) Ogbonnaya Igwe: Department of Geology, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria

IPL-150 Capacity building and the impact of climate-driven changes on regional landslide distribution, frequency and scale of catastrophe (2010 – present)

IPL-183 Landslides in West Africa: impacts, mechanism and management (2012-present)