Invitation for ICL Supporter 2018

Invitation for ICL Supporter 2018


The International Consortium on Landslides (ICL) is an international non-governmental and non-profit scientific organization established in January 2002 by universities, institutes, government organizations, academic societies and other entities worldwide. The consortium aims to promote landslide research for the benefit of society and the environment, and capacity building, including education, notably in less developed countries.


In order to support landslide risk reduction efforts by scientists/engineers from developing countries and young scientists from developed countries, ICL publishes the monthly full color journal “Landslides” without full color printing fee and contribution fee. It has 2016 impact factor =3.657 and the most influential journal in the related field. ICL has organized World Landslide Forum every three years to promote global promotion of landslide disaster risk since WLF1 in Tokyo 2008, WLF2 in Rome 2011, WLF3 in Beijing 2014, WLF4 in Ljubljana 2017, then WLF5 will be organized in Kyoto 2020.


ICL is now planning to create the “Kyoto 2020 Commitment for Global Promotion of Understanding and Reducing Landslide Disasters” which will be signed in the Kyoto International Conference Hall, Kyoto, Japan during the Fifth World Landslide Forum on 2-6 November 2020. ICL supporters are invited to joint this Kyoto 2020 Commitment together with partners of the ISDR-ICL Sendai Partnerships 2015-2025 and ICL members and jointly cooperate for the global promotion of landslide disaster risk reduction.


Benefits for ICL supporters, the download links of the related documents and the registration form are attached in the next pages


I thank you very much for your support to ICL activities and look forward to having you join ICL.


With best regards,


Peter Bobrowsky Kaoru Takara Kyoji Sassa
President of ICLGeological Survey of Canada


Executive Director of ICLKyoto University


Secretary General of ICLChair of WLF5 2020





Benefits for ICL Supporters


1. Banners (logo + name + weblink) of supporters are shown on the top page of ICL WEB <> and IPL WEB


2.  Names of supporters in the ICL organization printed in the last page of every issue of monthly journal “Landslides” and all volumes of WLF5 proceedings and other ICL books. (2000 USD members first, and 1000 USD).


3. Supporters are invited to contribute the activity reports, News for technological development effective for landslide disaster risk reduction in the category of News/Kyoto Commitment of the monthly journal “Landslides” up to 4 pages.


4. The ICL will donate one copy of Full Color Landslide Journal ((12 issues/year, 2400 pages) and one Token (digital access and download key to all issues of Landslides for 1000 USD supporters or two copies of Landslides and two Tokens for 2000 USD supporters.


5. ICL Secretariat (Kyoto, Japan) accepts consultation from supporters and assists their initiatives for landslide disaster risk reduction activities through ICL-IPL Network.

6. Suporters will be invited to join and sign the Kyoto 2020 Commitment as one of over 100 partners of the global alliance on landslide disaster risk reduction.

7. Registration fee to the Fifth World Landslide Forum will be reduced by 20,000 JPY.

8.  Integrated simulation of landside initiation and motion (LS-RAPID) which has been developed by ICL will be reduced by a half price. LS-TSUNAMI was developed to simulate the landslide induced tsunami inputting the output of LS-RAPID


Download link of attachments


Name of documents

Download link


ICL memberships and Benefit (2018.4.21)


Bulletin of WLF5 in 2020   (2018.4.3)


Zero Draft of Kyoto 2020 Commitment to be launched in WLF5


2015 ISDR-ICL SENDAI Partnerships 2015-2025


2017 Ljubljana Declaration





Registration Form for ICL Supporters

1.      Organization

Name of Organization:
Name of Contact person (position)
Website Address:
Postal Address:
Tel: Fax:
Amount of Support: Please select the amount. 

1. 1000 USD                          2. 2000 USD


2. Payment of Membership Fee

Please send the registration form to ICL Secretariat and credit the registration fee to ICL Bank Account. Currency of membership fee should be one of USD, EURO and JPY.


ICL Bank Account

Bank of Kyoto, Hyakumanben Branch


Account Name: ICL Kyoji SASSA

Account Number for USD: (146)2002159

Account Number for EURO: (146)2002168

Account Number for JPY: (146)4103533


3. ICL Secretariat

International Consortium on Landslides (ICL)

138-1 Tanaka-Asukai cho, Sakyo-ku,  Kyoto 606-8226, Japan

Tel:+81 (75) 723 0640, Fax:+81(75) 950 0910,   URL:


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