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The International Consortium on Landslides (ICL) created at the Kyoto Symposium in January 2002 is an International non-governmental and non-profit scientific organization, which is supported by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (UN/ISDR), and intergovernmental programmes such as the International Hydrological Programme of UNESCO; the Government of Japan; and other governmental bodies. ICL was registered as a legal body under Japanese law for non-profit organizations in August 2002 in the Government of Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. The present domicile of the International Consortium on Landslides is Kyoto, Japan, where the Secretariat is located.
Information to ICL Members
 1 May 2015  - 1. ICL Letter (Sendai partnerships) 2015.4.30
Article of Sendai Partnerships


2. ICL Letter (new IPL Projects) 2015.4.30
IPL-199 and IPL-200


3. ICL Letter (Teaching Tools) 2015.5.1
ICL 2014 teaching tools,ISDR-ICL teaching tools (summary) and ISDR-ICL teaching tools (examination)

 17 Jan 2015  - ICL Letter
1. ISDR-ICL Sendai Partnership
2. Summary of ISDR-ICL Teaching tools
3. UN-WCDRR-Draft-Programme-6012015
 05 Jan 2015  - 1. ICL Letter
2. IPL New Project Proposal Form 2015
3. IPL Project – Annual Report Form 2014
4. WCOE Progress Report 2014
5. ICL Network Progress Report 2014
 18 November 2014  11 – 15 March 2015 Invitation to 14th BOR/ICL, 10th IPL-GPC and ICL-IPL Sendai Partnership Conference on 11-15 March 2015
1. Announcement of ICL-IPL meetings on 11-15 March 2015 in Sendai, Japan
2. Call for Participants.
Please fill and return it to ICL secretariat by 30 November 2014.
3. Information of field trips on 9-10 March 2015
(The Tsunami disaster and landslides by the 2011 Tohoku earthquake)
 9 September 2014  29 May – 2 June 2017 The first information of World Landslide Forum 4Landslide Research and Risk Reduction for Advancing Culture of Living with Natural Hazards in Ljubljana, Slovenia
 8 September 2014  2-6 June 2014 World Landslide Forum 3: Toward post-2015 Framework for DRR
The 2014 Beijing Declaration
Landslide Risk Mitigation: Toward a safer Geo-environment
 22 November 2013 1-16 August 2014: Training course International Summer School on Rockslides and Related Phenomena in the Kokomeren River Valley (Kyrgyzstan)
31 August 2013 Deadline for application: 31 October 2013 Call for full professor position on landslides in the Research Institute for Natural Hazards and Disaster Recovery, Niigata University, Japan. Deadline 31 October 2013.
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24 August 2013 WLF2 Proceedings (Rome, Italy):
publishing dates
Volume 4: Global Environmental Change, ISBN 978-3-642-31336-3 (published)August 31, 3013:Volume 1: Landslide Inventory and Susceptibility and Hazard Zoning, ISBN 978-3-642-31324-0Volume 2: Early Warning, Instrumentation and Monitoring, ISBN 978-3-642-31444-5Volume 5: Complex Environment, ISBN 978-3-642-31426-1Volume 6: Risk Assessment, Management and Mitigation, ISBN 978-3-642-31318-9Volume 7: Social and Economic Impact and Policies, ISBN 978-3-642-31312-7September 30, 2013:Volume 3: Spatial Analysis and Modelling, ISBN 978-3-642-31309-7
02 August 2013 31 August 2013: deadline for full paper WLF3, Beijing 2-6 June 2014
- Please click here to download PDF file of full paper template

– Please click here to download WORD file of full paper template 
24 July 2013 15 Sept 2013: deadline for extended abstract
15 Jan 2014: deadline for full paper
IPL Symposium (during  2013 BOR Meeting of ICL), Kyoto, 19-22 Nov 2013: Call for Papers, Paper Template
24 July 2013 4-16 August 2013: Training course 2013 Summer Training Course for slope land disaster reduction (National Taiwan University)
19 March 2013 31 May 2013: Preliminary registration and deadline for abstract submission World Landslide Forum III, China, National Convention Center in Veijing, 2-6 June 2014
 19 March 2013   First Central American and Caribbean Landslide Congress, Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Central America, 20-22 March 2013
 19 March 2013 31 March 2013: Full paper submission First Regional Symposium on Landslides in the Adriatic-Balkan Region, Zagreb, Croatia, 6-9 March 2013
18 November 2012 5 December 2012: Abstract submission Special Committee of ICL-CRLN is going to publish full color proceedings “Landslides in cold regions under the context of climate changing” with Springer:
Call for Papers of the Proceedings
16-19 October 2012 - ICL Landslides and Cultural & Natural Heritage Network, Vardzia, Aspindza Municipality, Georgia:
– International Workshop on Landslide hazard assessment and sustainable monitoring techniques for the safeguard of Vardzia Monastery site
4 August 2012 - UNITWIN Report 2011-2012
23-27 July 2012 - ICL Cold Region Landslides Network, Harbin, China:
- 1st  Meeting of ICL Cold Region Landslides Network
1st Symposium on Landslides in Cold Region: Proceedings
6 July 2012 - ICL Leaflet 2012
 16 July 2011  - - 2011 ICL and IPL-GPC Announcement 
2nd World Lanslide Forum of ICL
Brochure Carrara Idol-ICl 
- Reply form (deadline 2 August 2011)
 22 May 2011  - The IPL-ICL Session and Official Statement of ICL in Global Platform in Geneva.
Official Statement of ICL presented in Plenary Session
Ignite Presentation (Report of Session)
 09 April 2011  09 May 2011 ICL-IPL Geneva Session 2nd Announcement
Programme GP-2011
Schedule GP-2011